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Next Gen Giggle Getters

Enjoy a chuckle thanks to local young folks, as Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s one-of-a-kind talent competition does the rounds in Australia on the hunt for the next gen of giggle getters.

By Tierney Seccull

With alumni including Joel Creasey, Rhys Nicholson and Annie Louey, Class Clowns gives secondary school students the chance the try out their comic creations in front of a live audience.

A two-hour workshop, facilitated by local creative Sarah Rueben in cahoots with host and Darwin comedian Brent Watkinson, gives participants the best crack at drawing a cackle or two from the crowd. This year’s cohort sees students aged 14-18 take the stage to deliver a short set of their original material, through varied forms.

“It can be straight stand-up comedy, one person with a mic telling jokes and sharing stories … but then you can also do sketch, so group sketch and solo sketch,” Rueben says.

“There’s character comedy as well, which I think we’ve seen a lot in the media over the years but maybe haven’t quite put our finger on what exactly it is – a lot of the big comedians we know these days, they’re big character comedians. Musical comedy is also an amazing way to enter the industry, and we had some incredible musical comedians last year.”

Taking part in Class Clowns can lead to exciting opportunities, right here in the NT.

“Alexi, who won last year, I see him up and about all the time! And to see this direct lineage, from doing Class Clowns to now gigging all the time around Darwin, it’s just unbelievable.”

Although there can only be one winner – scoring a cash prize of $1500 and a spot in the national final, if you don’t mind – Rueben says there’s something to gain for all contenders.

“Comedy can be such an incredible tool for young people, and it’s not just about forging a career in comedy. There’s so much that can be gained – about confidence, about articulating ideas, about connecting with other people – and if you can do all of that while you’re laughing, well, that’s the dream, isn’t it?”

Class Clowns
COST $15

Photo: Alexi Oblescuk by Lim Lee Jim

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