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Embrace Your Wrongness

As the adage goes, nobody is perfect. We’ve all got things we wish we could change about ourselves. It’s a concept Aussie comedian Troy Kinne explores in his new show, Made Wrong.

By Kate Conway 

Over one hour of stand-up, Kinne boldly (over)shares things that are “wrong” with him to help the audience leave feeling better about their own shortcomings.

You might remember Kinne from his hit TV shows, Kinne Tonight and Kinne, featuring comic skits written, directed and performed by the comedian. His shows went on to earn him a Logie nomination in 2015, and he’s been a regular fixture on the small screen ever since.

These days, he can be found making waves on social media, where his relatable viral videos amass millions of views and poke fun at everyday interactions.

“I love finding those little things that aren’t obvious, that make people realise, 'Oh, am I not the only one that does that?’,” he says.

“Those little behaviours that wearen’t necessarily proud of, I love pointing out how ridiculous we can act as human beings and shining a light on that behaviour.”

From medical ailments to relationship tiffs, and lamenting not being able to keep up with technology, nothing is off limits.

“Some of them are downright embarrassing, to be honest! Once you get it out there, it takes away its power ... Seeing the audience laugh at it makes me feel okay about it. It’s not something that makes people go ‘ew’, it’s just something that people find amusing,” he says.

Troy Kinne“You realise there’s bigger things in life to worry about. It’s very therapeutic for me doing the show, and I hope it encourages people to do the same. I think what I do is prove that – once you embrace your wrongness and get it out there – you’re sort of a bit unstoppable.”

Throughout the show, Kinne calls on the audience for examples of their own imperfections, but it’s not the type of comedy show where you need to be scared to sit front row.

"I realise that, in that room, we’re all friends. It's not me picking on anyone, it’s just me asking for examples and it’s very fun. It's like we’re all in my lounge room!”

For a laughter-filled night of relatable humour, embrace your wrongness with Troy Kinne.

Troy Kinne – Made Wrong
COST $46

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