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Not That Kind of Viral

Watch out, Darwin! We’ve let comedian Jimmy Rees in for his latest show Not That Kind of Viral. After his 2022 sell-out performance, he's back for more with his well-loved entourage of characters and a few new on-stage personalities in tow. 

Jenna Hoare caught up with the legendary entertainer and social media sensation to talk about his new show and whether he’ll be trying a piping hot laksa during his visit to the Top End. 

Jimmy, you do such a great job at sharing the POV of a Darwinian in your social videos. Tell us what it is about the audience ‘up here’ that you’re looking forward to?
I was in Darwin for my tour last year which was amazing. I’ve been to Darwin before with Giggle and Hoot a couple of times back in the day. Darwin is a great place and a lot of people have responded to my social videos about Darwin saying, ‘how did you know?’. There’s lots of different people from everywhere and the audience is always great and supportive. 

Your followers are used to seeing multiple Jimmy characters in your social videos. Will fans recognise some of these characters in your latest show?
Yeah, there will definitely be some faces that people recognise from my videos online. I recently did a video about border control in Darwin that will make an appearance. I'll bring some of these characters to the show but in a different format. There are some things you can’t do online so it will be more interactive. I think I change costumes about 100 different times in this show [laughs]…well it feels like it. 

While a lot of your videos went viral during the pandemic, you’ve retained a huge loyal following. Do you see people’s social media habits changing as we emerge from a post pandemic world?
Sure. People were at home a lot then and I think it’s now changed. Not everyone is online looking at the same thing in the same way. But then you have the Matilda's playing in Australia and the whole nation seemed to watch that. I definitely notice that if you share a video about what’s happening right now, you’re always going to get people on board. But generally, I think we’re now back in the pre pandemic times of how people are consuming content online. 

Agreed. We're looking forward to seeing you in person. What else can folks look forward to in your Darwin show?
There’s a few local bits that change for each show. And there’s a few parts in the show where I get to interact with the audience. It’s a very different response in different areas that I visit. We get a few people up on stage which is fun! 

Nice, I’m sure there will be a few volunteers. So, what does Jimmy have planned after this tour?
Over the last few years everything has really spawned from the videos I put out online. I’ll continue doing that and there’s a bunch of different things that stem from that content. I try to do a few different projects each year. The main thing is trying to make some more fun videos for the audience and planning to head out on tour next year, hopefully getting out into the more regional areas. 

And the last important question for our readers. Will you be trying a piping hot laksa while you’re in town?
[Laughs] I feel like I want to do this. I want to try it after the Darwin show and go down to Mindil or wherever? Is it Mary’s? I just want to go there because we’ve been talking about it for years now. And in October it’s surely going to mid-thirties and the laksa will be mid-fifties. 

That’s right. There’s Mary’s Laksa at Parap Village Markets and the Mindil Beach Sunset Market. Thanks Jimmy, we can’t wait to have you in the Territory.
Thanks Jenna, I’m looking forward to that laksa! 

Jimmy Rees - Not That Kind of Viral
WHEN SAT 14 OCT | 6PM & 8.45PM
COST $59.90-$219.90

Photos: Janis House Photography 

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