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Change is Good

Menopause is a natural part of a woman’s life, something all women go through at some point.  There’s dozens of symptoms to signal The Change including – yes, hot flushes – but also insomnia, depression, headaches, night sweats and forgetfulness.

But for whatever reason, the milestone is still a bit of a taboo subject, often discussed in hushed tones amongst only the closest of friends, if at all. Menopause the Musical blows the stigma right out of the water, literally making a song and dance about it. Created by writer and producer Jeanie Linders, it premiered in the US in 2001 and has been performed across the globe in the decades since.

By Tiernery Seccull

The hilarious musical parody educates audiences, including the blokes, and celebrates this natural phase of a woman’s life in a light-hearted, entertaining way.

The production centres around four women at a lingerie sale all experiencing different stages and symptoms. Trish Dearness plays stuck-in-the-seventies, hippie, vegan, eye shadow-loving Earth Mother (pictured right) and says the production has lasted the distance because of its relatability.

“Women see themselves. Even though we’re characters, the four actors who are playing these roles, we’re actually very much like them,” she says.

“I think women recognise themselves or their best friend, ‘cause you’ll often hear someone in the audience saying ‘oh, that’s you, that’s you’ or ‘oh no, that’s me!’ That familiarity is really important.”

Adding to this sense of familiarity are songs you know and love, with tunes from the ‘60s to the ‘80s given a rework with witty lyrics and relatable themes.

“I sing a song called ‘I Am Awake’ to the tune of ‘I Will Survive’ because insomnia is one of Earth Mother’s main symptoms. The songs are really familiar, and it’s just lovely to have people clapping along in the audience and feeling like they can laugh out loud and feel part of it as well.”

Not only is it a downright hoot, important health information is delivered to the audience on the topic.

“We were in Byron Bay and a couple of doctors saw the show, and said they would love more women to see it to help them realise they are not alone … It’s like the singing and dancing is a little key that helps to open the door, and opens up conversations,” Dearness says.

Given stress reduction is advised for women going through The Change, a night out with good mates and a few laughs comes highly recommended.

So round up the gals (and guys), treat yourself to a pre-show dinner party, and get set for a night of laughs with a few characters you might already know.

Menopause the Musical
WHEN FRI 11 & SAT 12 NOV | 7.30PM
COST $69.90

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