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Chasing the Moon

FROM DEBUSSY’S CLAIR DE LUNE, to David Bowie’s ‘Star Man’, the moon has long been the object of inspiration for artists. In Tracks Dance latest work, Chasing the Moon, three choreographers interpret the majestic, celestial body via the medium of dance.

By Kate Conway

“The moon evokes images of eternal change, renewal and even lunacy. While everyone across this planet looks at the same moon, we all see it from our own perspective,” said Tracks’ Artistic Director David McMicken.

In 20-minute performances, each choreographer presents their own interpretation of what Chasing the Moon means to them.

For Tracks Dance Animateur, Steph Spillett, it brought up feelings of vulnerability. They were inspired by their own relationship when creating the piece, At Night We Talk.

“In terms of what it meant for me – night time, the moon, and chasing the moon – I based the performance on my long distance relationship. Usually night is the only time we can talk, we’re chasing that time together.”

In Casting the Gentle Shadow, McMicken has taken a more literal interpretation of the moon, playing on the different phases of the moon, the tides, and how the ocean reacts. Tracks’ Associate Artistic Director, Jessica Devereux’s piece, Recede to a Larger Orbit, explores unrequited love.

A change from the large-scale performances Tracks is renowned for, Chasing the Moon shows another side to the company.

“Usually, Tracks’ shows are outside, and they’ve got huge cast numbers. It can go from a minimum of 20 all the way up to 100 dancers, so it’s a very different Tracks feel to be inside, in an enclosed theatre, with only 15 dancers,” says Spillett.

“I feel like it is a much more intimate experience.”

And it’s not just the setting that is unique. Music for the production includes self-produced beats from McMicken, while the dance styles range from contemporary through to tutting. No, we’re not referring to the noise you make when someone is chatting in the movie theatre… Tutting is an animated style of dance, and comes under the umbrella of hip hop. It’s all about making lines and shapes with hands and fingers.

A fusion of music genres and dance styles, choreographed in house by the Tracks team, Chasing the Moon is a layered and thought provoking exploration of la Lune, and the effect it can have on us.

Chasing the Moon
WHEN FRI 20 MAY, 6.30PM | SAT 21 MAY, 4PM & 6.30PM
COST $35 | $25 CONC

Thumbnail, header & inset: Photo: Duane Preston

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