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Magic that Moves

IT’S A ROMANTIC coming-of-age tale that never fails to capture hearts – a sympathetic heroine, a dashing prince, magic, pumpkins, ball gowns and, of course, a wicked stepmother and a lost shoe. You guessed it, it’s Cinderella!

The beloved story has inspired many throughout the ages, including Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev, whose most popular ballet brings the tale to life on stage. This month, Leisa’s School of Dancing celebrates 21 years of cultivating Territory talent with a stellar end-of-year performance featuring the much-loved ballet.

“Everyone thinks of theatre as being a magical place and there’s plenty of that in Cinderella,” says Leisa Jackson, Director of Leisa’s School of Dancing.

As well as being a fun story for the whole family, Cinderella offers plenty of opportunities for dancers of all ages to be involved – from young beginners to teens that dance with Duprada Dance Company – the company Leisa’s is the training school for.

“We can involve the children in it a fair bit by creating things like wishing fairies and pumpkin fairies,” Jackson explains.

The little ones also have another chance to shine with a special dance to classic children’s tune, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, as well as a défilé – the moment all the ballet dancers in a show present themselves on stage. For many of them, it’s their first time ever treading the boards.

“Especially for the really little ones who’ve never been out and performed in that sort of environment before … seeing them after they’ve done their dances, they’re just high as kites and so excited about what they’ve just done, whether it was a small part or a big part.”

For Jackson, however, educating children through dance goes beyond just the performances.

“The value that kids get out of doing something that requires them to be very disciplined at the same time as having fun … they certainly get lots out of it and it follows them for the rest of their life.”

Likewise, perhaps the magic of a fairy-tale follows us for the rest of our lives. Head to Darwin Entertainment Centre and catch the next talented generation of dancers, as they bring these enchanting stories to life.

The Magic of Dance – Cinderella
COST $37 | $32 CONC/MEMB | $25 CHILD

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