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Comics' Corner - Ty Gray

With an elfish and cheeky younger brother vibe, Ty Gray charms with his well crafted one liners and loveable anecdotes. He’s what Billy Connolly would be like if he was a hobbit comedian from the shire. Will Crawford has a chat with one of the rising stars of the Darwin comedy scene.

So you’re a recent Darwinian, welcome! What are some of the big differences between the Darwin and Melbourne comedy scenes?
Darwin’s comedy scene is a lot smaller than Melbourne’s, but I think that also makes us more tight-knit. We tend to get behind each other, support each other and try to bring each other up more in Darwin.

How do you like living in Darwin?
It’s much easier to get out of bed in the mornings.

What was it that kicked off your comedy career?
Went to watch my cousin in a Melbourne open mic, and with all the arrogance of an 18-year-old, I just kind of went, “pfft, I could do that!”

What’s your reason for staying in comedy?
An irrational need to be the centre of attention, even if it’s only for five minutes sometimes…

Have any comedians influenced you or your style?
I’d say I’m more influenced by Australian comedians than I am by international comedians. People like Matt Okine, Becky Lucas, Rhys Nicholson and Anne Edmonds I really look up to.

What advice would you give to others wondering if they should try stand up?
Pretend your mum is in the audience for your first set – or even better, invite her along!

Who’s your favourite comic writer?
One of my favourite all-round writers is Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino. He got his start writing for 30 Rock, and more recently has created his own show Atlanta, which is one of the most interesting comedies of our time.

Do you have a favourite comic performer?
Bit of a guilty pleasure, but I’ve always loved Will Ferrell movies. I guess they’re silly enough that you can enjoy them as a kid, but when you grow-up they’re still fun.

Any hot YouTube picks?
Rohan Ganju is one of my best friends in comedy, and a few years ago his RAW Comedy set went viral after Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz retweeted it. Just search “Rohan Ganju - 2015 RAW Comedy National Grand Final” – it still makes me laugh to this day!

Any Netflix tips?
Rhys Nicholson Live at the Athenaeum, Aunty Donna’s Big Old House of Fun, or Ronny Chieng: Asian Comedian Destroys America. Support Australian comedy!


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