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Sin On My Face

BOGAN FUNNY MAN and social media megastar Alex Williamson is heading back up north with his new show, Sin on my Face.

Having performed to the laidback Top End crowd in the past, Williamson admits Territorians are among his faves to perform to.

“I’d usually expect you to be offended, but Darwin folk are the least easily offended people in the world according to a Time Magazine survey. So instead, I’ll expect you adorable ferals to have a laugh and consume potentially hazardous levels of alcohol,” he says.

“I love Darwin because I’m finally able to speak at my natural pace – unnecessarily fast – and still be understood. The English language sped up by 250 percent is incomprehensible to most, but completely audible to Northern Territory folk. I’m a country boy, too, and we don’t have time to talk slow out bush.”

Having long embraced his inner sicko, Williamson questions why people suppress this side of themselves in his new show.

When quizzed on the sickest thing he’s ever done, Williamson, for once in his life, kept the answer tame for our family-friendly mag. Well, sort of.

“I feel obliged to give a G-rated answer, for the sake of your publication’s immediate future… I remember my mate’s share house didn’t have a toilet near his room, so we used a nearby sink, with which I got so accustomed to urinating in that I stopped using toilets altogether,” he says.

“Even if the toilet was closer than the sink, I’d walk the extra 10 metres and use the sink. Nasty habit when you’re visiting with your girlfriend’s parents, trust me.” 

If you’re one of Williamson's 2.5 million social media followers, now’s your chance to see him in the flesh.

“On stage you get a bit more of an understanding for the real me. A bit more personality and less drunken ad-lib nonsense. Please note, I’ll still be drunk.” 

Sin On My Face Fri 8 Nov | 8pm | Darwin Entertainment Centre | $34.90 |

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