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Dylan Moran - Dr Cosmos

Legendary Irish comedian Dylan Moran is headed Down Under with his brand-new show Dr Cosmos.

Moran once again offers his unique take on love, politics, misery and the everyday absurdities of life, all served with poetical panache from one of the finest comedians of his generation. 

Where did Dr Cosmos come from? Has this show been boiling away for a while?
The show comes from yonder, behind the hills. It has been around for many thousands of years. Look at the state of it.
Your show talks about some of the politics of the world – why has it all gone so bonkers?
The world is mad; this is all the news you need to understand why you are too. Only I can save you, by screaming carefully selected obscenities and basting you in chicken blood. Vegan options available.
Your Darwin show is a couple of weeks after the Brexit D-Day – what do you think will happen? Will you have to change your show?
Nothing, including a land invasion of giant crabs jockeyed by miniature pandas, affects this show. Brexit will begin a cycle of human sacrifice as a laser dome shuts off the U.K., and Queen Victoria is disinterred for reanimation. Workhouses will reopen where children record overproduced R‘n’B records. The pound will be replaced by custard creams and/or bunion plasters. Britannia rules its own brainwaves. At last.
The drunken Irishman schtick has followed you since Bernard on Black Books, has being off the grog this year impacted your on-stage persona?
Nothing impacts my persona – except giant pandas jockeyed by miniature crabs.
You’ve worked both on stage and on screen – do you have a fave?
They all have good bits. They all drive you mad.
After 25 years in the game, how does it compare now to when you started?
I enjoy it more and worry less.

Dylan Moran Mon 18 Nov | 8pm | Darwin Entertainment Centre | $89.90 |

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