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Reading Revolt

AUDIENCES CAN SEE a fierce and humourous feminist play for September’s instalment of Brown’s Mart Theatre’s Evening Reads.

Award-winning play Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. by Alice Birch examines the language, behaviours and forces that shape women in the 21st century, and asks what’s stopping us from doing something truly radical to change them.

Director Nicky Fearn says she was drawn to several elements of the play.

“It’s not a standard play. It explores form quite a bit and (Birch) examines the status of women in the world. It’s a strong feminist play. I enjoyed the humour in it as much as the fury.

“A lot of elements drew me in – the comedy and the fact it’s quite challenging. She doesn’t give characters in every scene, so the director and the creative team have a lot of freedom in terms of how to present the piece, though we’re doing the most simplified version as a play reading.”

This year, Brown’s Mart began Evenings Reads@7.30 to develop local artists’ directing and acting skills, by creating a space to present work to live audiences, in a casual atmosphere with minimal production elements. 

“[The play readings are] really exciting because there’s less pressure to do a whole production and get money to get it off the ground – it’s like giving birth to get a production up,” Fearn says.

“Play readings are cheap and simple, and allow the community to explore really varied works – we can do anything – works with lots of people and experimental ones like this one.”

Fearn says the benefits of the monthly readings extend well beyond the performance opportunities, as it encourages artists to have their finger on the pulse of the international scene.

“It’s really important because it encourages all freelance artists and the community to look and what works are around us, and allows us to think about them and present them to audiences,” she says. 

“It keeps Darwin and our artists much more up to date with what’s happening around the globe and is a great way to have the work exposed. It’s really accessible.”

THU 19 SEP | 7.30PM | HAPPY YESS | BROWN'S MART | $15 |

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