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Rope Burn

Two best mates. One gets cancer. Hilarity ensues. Rope burn is a new Australian play by Ava Karuso about friendship, boys and one of humanity's most frightening diseases.

Ben and Michael are best mates. They play video games, drink beer and share a wicked sense of humour. But when one of them is diagnosed with cancer, they are thrust into a new reality. Told with blunt humour, Rope Burn explores the expectations of masculinity and shows how two young men are forced to shift their attitudes and open their eyes.

Director Julia Richardson says the journey of the characters is one that will resonate with a wide audience. 

“Most people have experienced cancer in their life, whether that be personally, or watching a friend or family member go through it,” she said.

But that doesn’t mean you’re not in for a seriously good laugh. 

“What I love most about this story is how it can make you laugh at the same time as making you feel a profound connection to the characters and what they’re going through." 

The main characters Ben and Michael are both 23 and Richardson says she immediately recognised her own friends in the way they speak and interact with each other. 

"It's very modern and would be very recognisable to young people aged between 18 and 30,” said the 24-year-old director.

But Richardson says the play will appeal to all ages with its universal themes and dark humour, and insights into what it’s like to be 23 today. 

“It really is a hilarious, high energy and unpredictable play.”

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