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Q&A with Wil Anderson

Stand-up stalwart Wil Anderson is rocking Darwin for one night only with his new show Critically Wil. Off The Leash caught up with the award-winning comedian, television host and podcaster.

You’ve been described as a “comic juggernaut of current affairs.” How’d you decide which topics to go with for this show? 
Actually making this show was really easy. I wanted to write about the current post truth, alternative fact, anti-expert world we’re living in, but didn’t want to do more Donald Trump jokes. So I just wrote down all the people and groups being persecuted under him like immigrants, women, science etc. Actually now I think about it, Donald Trump wrote my set list. But he doesn’t get a mention.

You’re a trained journalist. Do you recommend this as an undergraduate degree for aspiring comedians? 
I actually have an entire routine in this year’s show about this. I’m certainly glad I decided to leave it 20 years ago and become a comedian because telling bad jokes to strangers in bars is probably never going to go out of fashion, but I’m not sure newspaper journalism’s going to be around much longer!

You’ve used a pun on your name for the title of your live shows since 1997. Do you suppose you’ll ever run out?
Nah, I’ve got about 40 on the list and you know something like Wolverine will come out and I’ll be like, Wilverine! Write that down!

You’ve been back to Darwin a few times over the years, any lasting memories? 
People who listen to my podcast would have heard many of the stories of my adventures in Darwin. So I’m a little disappointed this visit is on a Thursday night and I have to fly to Perth early the next day because ordinarily my Darwin nights end up being very interesting early Darwin mornings.

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