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Do You Feel Like Dancing?

Leo Sayer returns to Darwin to play his greatest hits and tunes from his new album, Restless Years. OTL’s Tierney White got to have a chinwag with Leo on the phone, to chat about his upcoming tour and successful career.


Hello there mister Leo Sayer, thank you for chatting with me today. Are you looking forward to playing in Darwin?

Yes! I love Darwin. It’s a beautiful place and I always love visiting. And as it’s a national tour, I couldn’t possibly leave Darwin off the list. I have many friends in Darwin and am looking forward to spending a bit of downtime there, so keep an eye out, as I’ll be about the place.

Thank you for including Darwin on your tour– as you may be aware, Darwin often gets left off the tour list.

Yes, I'd heard that, but you know, I love going out and playing in all different rural areas. To me, Australia is built up of communities, and many artists miss out on these amazing towns. There is so much more to Australia than just the big cities – you need to bring the music to the people. We are travelling by road, so we have the same crew, band, and equipment for each show. The crew will get to see a lot of Australia and we’ll get to drive across the Nullarbor.

It must be very humbling to be touring and releasing a new album over forty years since you began your career?

Oh absolutely. I see it as if I’m bouncing a ball against the wall, and when it bounces back, I get to catch it. You get out what you put in, and I’m very fortunate to be doing what I love.

Is it true you started out as an artist before you were a singer?

Yes – I don’t think I was as good as I thought, and was quite a frustrated painter. I’m a creative person and I’m lucky I’ve been able to do something creative with my career, but I was always going to be a singer and I love it.

What is the most requested song at your concerts?

Well when I ask if anyone feels like dancing, the crowd goes wild. It’s funny – that song took minimal work, and it’s so simple yet it’s one of my most successful songs. It shows you don’t have to make things too complicated to be a success.

Will you be visiting any crocs while you’re in Darwin?

Oh, I would love to, it just depends on if I get time. I’ll be visiting the brolgas and jabirus - I love the birds there. I’m blessed knowing people in Darwin who I can stay with, and I get to see the very best of the town.

Well Darwin is very much looking forward to seeing you Mr Sayer!

Yes, I’m looking forward to ‘coming home’ [laughs]. Bye darling.


Where: Darwin Entertainment Centre

When: Sat 28 Mar 2015 | 8pm



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