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Q&A with Peter Garrett

GRACING THE AMPHITHEATRE WITH SOUNDS FROM HIS DEBUT SOLO ALBUM, A VERSION OF NOW, is Aussie rock legend and Midnight Oil front man Peter Garrett. It’s Garrett like you’ve never heard him, telling tales of love and sharing memories of home. Off The Leash had a chat with Garrett about music, politics and those world-famous dance moves.

After a successful career as front man of the legendary Midnight Oil, to a life in Aussie politics, what inspired your return to music?

Making music again was like coming home after being away on another planet. The songs just appeared on my shoulder and I guess it's not surprising they’re about the things that really count to me – family, home and hope.

Was putting together a solo album always something you wanted to do?

I never expected to do a solo record but once the music took shape I knew I had to get it down as quickly as possible to capture the moment.

Political matters, such as the rights of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people, is something you and other members of Midnight Oil were passionate about – what role did music play in helping you voice your perspectives?

Our passions as a band were influenced by the things we saw and the experiences we had – especially in the Territory – and the fantastic music we encountered along the way, often in remote communities.

Darwin is quite often left off the map when it comes to national tours so we appreciate you stopping by! What made you want to perform at the Darwin Festival?

Darwin is one of my favourite towns and I promised people, if there was any music on the way, I'd come up. So to play at the Festival will be a huge blast!

Last question – and it's a biggie – will Festival audiences be treated to your world-famous dance moves?

The audience will see a unique band – I'm thrilled that players of the calibre of Martin Rotsey from the Oils, Pete Luscombe from Rockwiz and Abbe May are joining me. Dancing will be greatly encouraged!


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