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How does Off The Leash work?

There are two main elements that make up Off The Leash – the website and the print magazine. They both talk to each other, with the website feeding into the magazine and vice versa, so your events have the chance to get promoted in print and online. Read on to find out how it all works!

How do I get my event on the OTL website?

If you've got a special event, gig, exhibition or workshop coming up, then be sure to add a free event listing to the Off The Leash website. 

This is the single thing you need to do to get your event on our radar. 

By submitting an event online (and by our due date, which is the 5th of the month prior) there is a chance of having your event listed in our print magazine – this gives us permission to publish a listing if we've got the space. Please note that not all listings are guaranteed in the print publication, however, your event is guaranteed to be listed on our website. It's visited by hundreds of people every day and is free of charge. Nice.

The OTL team may make changes to your text to be in our style and tone, and to correct any typos. With so many voices coming through our web uploads, we try to streamline this for our audience, so don't be surprised if there are some small tweaks. Rest assured we know our audience well, and how to communicate with them.

Sign up for a free user account here. Download the Event Organisers User Guide here.

Note: event organisers are responsible for uploading and managing their own events – OTL will not upload or make changes to event listings on your behalf. All uploads, and any changes, come to the OTL team for approval and may take 2-3 business days as our team works part-time.

How do I get my event in the printed magazine?

Advertise with us! By advertising with Off The Leash, you can guarantee your event will be highlighted in the magazine through your ad artwork. With a readership of over 30,000 per month, and a reliable and comprehensive events guide, your target market is primed to receive your message. 

Off The Leash readers are active, savvy and engaged people who are great networkers and like to know what’s going on and when. Best of all, they plan, book and attend your events – not to mention they bring their mates, too!

Advertising in the magazine ensures an entire calendar month worth of exposure at affordable rates, well below other commercial advertising options. Our prices start at just $200 per month, and with advertising options in print and online, we’ve got all your bases covered.

To enquire about featuring on our front or back cover, or to discuss any aspect of your advertising needs, please email To ensure we keep the editorial integrity of the publication, Off The Leash limits the amount of advertising we include – that means be quick!

Will Off The Leash write a feature on my advertised event? Do I have to pay for that?

Depending on our deadline, the space within the publication and when the event is, the Managing Editor may offer editorial support which is written in-house by our editorial team – that means we don't do advertorial, and each edition of OTL is curated. 

OTL also has full creative control over editorial features and design layout. This means we don't allow third parties to interfere with our brand and style, and ensures we keep our thumb on the pulse with the balance of each edition.

Please be mindful that features are included in the edition that the event takes place, so a May event would be featured in the May edition, for example. Feature editorials from the print magazine are also uploaded to the OTL website, a function that can only be implemented by OTL staff. Pretty spiffy, hey?

Oh, and this doesn't cost our advertisers anything. Think of it as a little bonus from us! 

What are the monthly deadlines?

We are always working in the month ahead, and in order to have sufficient time to compile the magazine and have it printed and distributed before the first of the month, our production timeline is pretty tight.

5th of the month prior – upload listings to website for a chance to get listed in the print magazine (although, you are welcome to upload any time!)
10th of the month prior – deadline for advertising bookings
15th of the month prior – final artwork due for advertisements

Here's some deadlines based on the August edition as an example!
JUL 5: Website listings close
JUL 10: Advertising bookings due
JUL 15: Advertising artwork due

When is Off The Leash printed and how often?

Off The Leash is printed monthly, 10 times per year.

Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec/Jan (combined)

Note: there is no Feb edition, as per our regular program

I'm keen to advertise – what are your rates and how do I book?

Great! All of our rates can be found on our publicly available media kit, which also includes advertisement specs and booking form. To book your spot, simply fill out the booking form and send it to us – we'll let you know as soon as we can if we can accommodate your request.


Download the Off The Leash Media Kit 

Want to receive monthly reminders directly from the editor?

No problem. Register your info here and we'll add you to the monthly advertising hit list so you'll never miss a print deadline!

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