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Young Designers

LAUNCH DARWIN PUT the call out to emerging creatives to design some custom skateboard decks and scooter grips, and the results were impressive to say the least. Meet 16-year-old-artist Isabelle (Izzy) Craven and 22-year-old digital creator Yunus D Surtie!

How long have you been creating art?
Izzy: I’ve been creating art ever since I was little. I’m glad over the years I’ve gotten the time to improve and figure out my style and mediums I’m comfortable with.

Yunus: I am very new at creating artwork for the public to view, I started in March 2020. However, I have been a creative from a very young age and have expressed my ideas through visuals mediums all my life.

Favourite medium to work with?
Izzy: I think my favourite would be acrylic because it’s easy and effective when painting. I have also gotten into digital art this year when creating commissions for clients.

Yunus: My favourite medium to work with is graphic arts; I love to sketch, paint, do animations and Photoshop work on my tablet and computer… I think it’s the medium of the new age and, when done correctly, can be used to create some breathtaking work.

What inspired your design?
Izzy: I’m a total movie buff so the inspiration for this piece came from a series of my favourite psychological films such as Shutter Island, Donnie Darko, Disturbia and Gone Girl. This piece represents the paranoia I get from watching these types of films, hence the eyes everywhere, always watching.

Yunus: The feeling you would get when you are skating, cycling, or to describe that feeling when you are at peace. When you’re transported to a place where you feel free. Free to wonder, look around in happiness, see the beauty of the world around you.


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