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Sam Pini – Youth Profile

22-YEAR-OLD ROLLER SKATER Sam Pini loves getting around on wheels, and you can often find her hitting the rink in the Darwin Roller Girls League as her roller derby alias, Pinidreadful.

We caught up with Sam to chat all things skate.

How did you get into skating?

A couple of years ago, a friend got into skateboarding and I ended up falling in love with quad skating. That’s where you have a skate on each foot!

What’s the skate community like in Darwin?

The skating community is so friendly and accepting. They’re really open to beginners and we have skaters aged from four-yearsold up to 65. We also have roller discos with themes like Denim and Diamonds – they’re so much fun.

Tell us about roller derby!

Roller Derby is a full-contact team sport where you race around a track and people try to block you with their hips and chest. It’s fast-paced and awesome.

I skate in the Darwin Roller Girls League as Pinidreadful – we love a good pun!

We’re on a roll here…
Who’s your favourite skater?

I’m a big fan of Team Australia’s Bicepsual. She skates in the Victorian Roller Derby and I got to meet her in person once, she was so nice.

What does it feel like to pull off a rad move?

It feels incredible. Absolutely amazing when you finally get the move you want. I want to master the drop down in the half pipe – I did it once but I’m still practising.

Shoot the duck is also fun, that’s where you lift a leg up when you’re down in the cannon ball.

Awesome! Where can we sign up?

Shiner Town’s a skate shop in Woolner that runs beginner classes all the time – jump on their Facebook page and they’ll get you skating. Or you can always find a skater or two to ask along the Nightcliff Foreshore. If you can catch them…


Photo: Nicholas Parry Photography

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