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Launch Night Series - Call for volunteers

If there’s a job you can do in the basketball and development program, Launch Night Series, Alicia Kent has done it.

Logistics, programming, volunteer-ing and marketing - she’s loved every part of it.

“I was always told to be the person you wish you had growing up,” she says.

“I grew up in Darwin and when I was a young person there were no late night programs quite like this."

The basketball program is more than just throwing the ball around - it also involves life-skills workshops on topics ranging from health and wellbeing, respectful relationships through to communication and employability skills.

It’s this multifaceted approach that has attracted more than 400 participants and more than 300 volunteers over its four years.

“The basketball attracts the young people but the program is so much deeper,” Kent says.

“It helps build their confidence, their abilities and belief in themselves, and provides them with role models who genuinely care about them and their experiences. 

“We’ve had a number of young people who have gone on to apply for opportunities they would never have dreamt were possible for them.”

Applications are open for Top Enders who are keen to lend a hand and volunteer in the program.

“We’re looking for positive people who love their community,” Kent says.

“You don’t have to have experience working with young people, but if you have an interest in the industry or love sport or just love Darwin, then you’ll love this program.”


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