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Get That Job!

It may come as a surprise that public figure and local comedian Amy Hetherington still gets butterflies in her stomach before her public speaking events.

“Every single time,” she says.

“But for me it’s about reframing something that is scary into something that you enjoy.”

The renowned public speaker will be sharing a few pearls of wisdom for young people at workshops for Launch Darwin’s Get That Job program.

Her first workshop is all about showcasing creative work in a captivating way to potential employers.

“The idea is how to make resumes sexier because it’s hard to show what you can do on a piece of paper,” Hetherington says.

“How can we use online resources and the platforms that are available to showcase what we can do, to get jobs and build capacity?”

The job hunt today is very different for younger generations, with a demand for a versatility of skills and digital literacy. 

“One of the big things now is you’re never going to only have one career anymore,” Hetherington says.

“You need to be multi-dimensional in your skills and you need to know what makes you tick, more so than what you can do.”

The second workshop is all about presenting and public speaking.

“It’s about normalising fears so you don’t get overwhelmed by them,” she says.

“There will be some tips and tricks so you can present in a way that’s engaging and so you’re more comfortable – so you don’t feel like people are just staring at you.”

Participants will get some hands on experience facing some fears and perfecting their public speaking style.

“We’ll practise some public speaking and do some activities so people get to work on it in a safe environment,” Hetherington says.

Sign up quick to the workshops – they’re always a hit.

Online Portfolios | Fri 11 Jan | 10.30am-12pm | Darwin City Library | See the event listing

Public Speaking | Fri 18 Jan | 10.30am-12pm | Darwin City Library | See the event listing

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