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Youth Advisory Committee

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is on the hunt for more members. YAC is a unique platform that allows young people to have a direct voice to Darwin Council about issues affecting them. YAC member Sau-ching Leung told Off The Leash all about it.

By Isabella Mellios

What do you love about Darwin?

The reason I came back after mov-ing to Melbourne for three years for university, was that I really like Darwin – there are a lot of opportunities, the laid-back feel, the weather and not having to stand in crazy queues for food!

What have you gained from your experience in the YAC?
I have met some great people and have been inspired seeing other young people in Darwin so passionate about the city we live in and the issues young people face.

I have enjoyed being involved with the consultations where organisations come in and ask our opinions about events and issues. This really opened my mind and allowed me to think from different perspectives as well as put myself in others’ shoes.

YAC has also provided numerous opportunities for self-development and has helped me improve self-confidence and to voice my own opinions.

Why did you join?
I wanted to do something useful with my spare time. I saw the YAC as a great opportunity to be more involved and learn more about Darwin and the community.

There’s a call out for more members, why should others apply?
If anyone is interested in becoming more involved with the community – or even just to meet other people – this is a really great opportunity. I also quite like that the YAC is not too big of a commitment and the once a month meeting fits into the busy schedules that young people have.

What kind of person do you have to be?
I don’t believe there is a type of person you need to be. YAC groups together a diverse range of young people, with different views and backgrounds, working together towards one goal.

If anyone is interested but unsure, they can come along to our meetings as an observer to really see what it is like. 

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I can wiggle my ears.


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