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Soak Tumble Dry

THIS EXCITING POP-UP group exhibition features the work of three photographers and a sculptor, exploring the Top End’s unique Wet season to create fantastic imagery that interprets our urban tropical lifestyle.

By Tierney Seccull

Photographer Nicholas Gouldhurst says he created Soak Tumble Dry in 2021 to provide opportunities for photographers to get creative and exhibit their work.

“I’ve been a commercial photographer for 30 years, I went to art school, and I really hadn’t had a show since then. It’s great to, kind of get away from thinking, and look at the environment around you. I just feel there’s a bit of a lack of opportunity for photographers to exhibit up here, unless it’s beautiful landscape or wildlife images,” he says.

“Last year, I set a broad theme [of the Wet season] and put it to these photographers and they came back with much more urban imagery – still related to the tropics – so it’s very much about showing a different style and different subject of photography. I’d love for this to continue as an annual event.”

Showcasing their work in this exhibition in addition to Gouldhurst is local artist Steph Martin, and art and photography teacher, Lari Gadza.

“I really like what Steph shows casually on Facebook, so I thought she’d give a very different perspective – I think she’s got a unique eye. Lari approached me at the last show and was interested in being part of it this year.”

The first group exhibition was exclusively photography, but this year sees the inclusion of sculptures from Ioanna Thymaianidis.

“Last year, a partner of one of the photographers brought in furniture and plants, so we thought it was a beautiful use of the space. Photography exhibitions are two-dimensional, so it made me think of how we could utilise the space,” Gouldhurst says.

“I approached Ioanna and she was keen to be involved, and she also makes jewellery. She works with stone, local stone – it’s quite crumbly and she hacks into it with great enthusiasm!”

A public program also coincides with the exhibition to include artist talks and workshops, held most days from 12-1pm to give people on their lunch breaks in the CBD the opportunity to get involved.

“We also have a lounge area to encourage visitors to the public program and gallery to lounge and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and the exhibition.”


Header: Nicholas Gouldhurst, 'Car Crash'
Inset & thumbnail: Photo: Paz Tassone, Soak Tumble Dry Exhibition, Opening Night 2021

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