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Searching for Spirits

By Tamara Howie

“IN THE MOST basic sense, I speak to dead people,” says psychic medium, author and speaker, Peter Williams, admitting it’s a bit of a crude way to phrase what is usually a healing and spiritual experience.

Williams developed his clairvoyant skills in his teen years, and saw them flourish when he moved to Japan in his early 20s. Since then, Williams has been a medium between the living and the dead across the world, helping many to find closure, healing, and lots of love. Now, it’s the Top End’s turn to reach out to the other side, as Williams offers his otherworldly services at Darwin Entertainment Centre this month.

“My job is to help bring that loved one back to life. By doing so it allows the healing and the love to flow. Whatever the reason for the connection, it can be confronting, eye opening, but most of them are healing and to help bring peace to both sides,” he says.

When on stage or working privately, Williams describes talking to those who have passed over as like trying to communicate with someone who is deaf and mute.

“What people forget is that their loved one is no longer human. They do not have a voice box on the other side!” he says.

Often, he is bombarded with a flurry of information – physical descriptions, health issues, cause of death, personality, work, family names and important dates for the family – thus it’s important for audience members to come to the show prepared with some family knowledge.

“The best thing to do is to come with an open mind and heart, prepared with your family knowledge, but have no expectations. If you come in with any preconceived ideas about who you want to come through, you will find that you will not enjoy the show as much,” he says.

While it may be hard to face loved ones that have been lost, Williams endeavours to make sure everyone has a positive experience.

“I like to keep it real, fresh and funny. As much as we are there for the connections to our loved ones, I also do my best to pass on the messages that Spirit has for all of us,” he says.

Peter Williams Medium Searching Spirit Tour
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