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Sister Act

Beloved Aussie duo Vika and Linda hit the Darwin Entertainment Centre stage this month, bringing their live show, vocal mastery and infectious energy to the Top End.

By Kate Conway 

Bursting onto the scene as backing singers for 80’s rockers The Black Sorrows, the sisters have been mainstays of Aussie music ever since, stepping out from behind the band in 1994 to embark on their own projects. 

Vika and Linda credit their close relationship, tenacity and strength of spirit for their career. 

“We’ve stuck it out. We've been part of this industry for over 30 years and that is no mean feat – it’s very hard to have a very long career and not give up,” Vika says. 

“It's very easy to quit, you get knocked down all the time. One minute you’re cool and then you’re not ... I think having one another has helped our strength.

“It’s the passion for singing. For me, that’s what it is, the love of singing and also the sound Linda and I have managed to create, the harmony, it’s such a good feeling. To sing, it makes you healthy, that’s the only reason I keep going because I like to sing.”

It’s been a big year for the singing siblings. In addition to penning and releasing their memoir, No Bull, they were recently honoured for Artistic Excellence at the Australian Women in Music Awards, an accolade they didn’t see coming.

“We were shocked, we don’t really get that many awards, so it was kind of like, ‘no, they didn’t call our names’. We were pleasantly surprised. To be recognised for that, it means something. It's not a trivial award, it’s a great award, because that [artistic excellence] is what you aim for,” Linda says.

With a seamless ability to harmonise and blend their warm, soulful voices, Vika and Linda’s sound effortlessly traverses genres of gospel, blues, country and rock, fused with notes of their Tongan heritage. 

Joined on stage by four-piece band, The Bullettes, Vika says you’re in for a big night of music with a few ad-hoc tunes.

“We do old songs, we do new songs, we strip it right back and sing with an acoustic guitar. Maybe we’ll do a piano song this time? It’s an hour-and-a-half of action-packed entertainment. So, if you like our songs, come along!”

Vika & Linda
COST $78

Photos: Brian Purnell of Mushroom Creative House

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