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The Soprano & Tenor

After touring more than 200 shows nationally, the King and Queen of Australian musical theatre and opera – Marina Prior and David Hobson are adding Darwin to their map in a one-night performance. 

The show blends big classics and new music, interspersed with humor and storytelling. Jenna Hoare chatted to the playful duo about their latest tour The 2 of Us and what’s planned for their visit to the tropical capital. 

Thanks for your time while you're on the road performing around Australia for this latest tour. Can you tell us how it's been so far?
Marina: It’s been amazing. We've been selling out everywhere and the audiences have been tremendous. They’re really responding to our shows. There’s a lot of places we’ve been to before and some that are new. 

David: We get to be ourselves. We get to be naughty. We get to tell stories. And we get to do one of our favourite things that we’ve always wanted to do – a lot of Celtic material, folk music and that’s what the audiences are responding to. The fact they are seeing us in a situation where we’re not wearing theatre costumes and it’s just great fun. 

Nice, it sounds like you're having fun. How did this collaboration come about?
Marina: We did our first professional show together which was The Pirates of Penzance – the Broadway version. Then we did a show at Leeuwin Estate in Western Australia, a very well-known winery concert. We realised we have a sympatico with the same sort of taste in music and it worked. Then we were lucky enough to start touring together. And we’ve already done 200 shows. We’ve been doing this for quite some time now. 

There’s a mixture of classics and new songs in this performance. Is there a song that you both particularly enjoy performing as part of this show? Marina: We do a Celtic section like Irish/Scottish kind of music and for me that’s a real favourite because we both have a real connection to that music through our families and it kind of takes the audience by surprise and they tend to love that stuff as well. 

David: [Adds] And I think that’s also where we have the most singing together in harmony and in way it’s our own arrangement, we have tailored it to ourselves and it gives these songs our own spin. It’s beautiful. We love it. 

We certainly can't wait to have you in the NT. Is this the first time you’ve visited Darwin?
David: I’ve done a couple of things up there. I did a concert with the Darwin Symphony Orchestra in 2015. I think we were the first to perform opera in Arnhem Land with the Darwin Symphony Orchestra. It was fantastic!

Marina: I’ve visited Darwin before, years ago. Just before you called, I said hey guys, I definitely want to see the crocodiles. I’ve locked it in. And I want to go to a place [along the water] where you can have sunset drinks and dinner. 

David: I want to go to Mindil Market and Litchfield. 

In that case, pack your bathers and thongs and you’ll fit right in. Thanks Marina and David for your time.
Marina and David: Thanks Jenna and dare I say, we'll be off the leash.

Marina Prior and David Hobson - The 2 Of Us
COST $34.95-$79.95

Thumbnail & inset: Photo: James Terry

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