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Tasty Tucker & Tunes

While many of us understand the health benefits in stepping away from technology, it’s often not easy to do in today’s ‘always-on’ society. Good news, there’s no excuse not to take a well-earned break from the screens as Lunch on the Lawn returns to soundtrack Wednesday lunchtimes.

By Kate Conway

Launched by singer-songwriter Tracey Bunn in 2018, what began as an initiative to enliven the CBD and promote emerging and established musicians has grown into a much anticipated fixture on the Dry season calendar.

Previously running from May to July, this year’s program extends into early August to enjoy every last drop of outdoorsy weather before it gets too hot, with an extended time slot to boot.

“In the past, we’ve had quite a few people rock up at about quarter-to-one and the music was almost over. So this year, we’ve decided to extend it, so people that like to have a later lunch break could still come down and enjoy the music,” Bunn says.

“Also, we’ve always had lots of families bringing their babies down, or taking the chance to have a family gathering on the lawn or a social gathering with friends, and a lot of people just didn’t want to leave!

“I was forever leaving people on the mats until the absolute last minute when it came time to pack up.”

Talent confirmed to feature in this year’s program includes Phil O’Brien and Graham Ring (aka Two Good Blokes), Ward Hancock, Gypsy Schmidt and Per Forsberg, and Sally Balfour. Indie/pop singer-songwriter Serina Pech is scheduled to kick things off this month with her signature delicate, raw vocal beauty and junkyard style percussion.

As if the diverse music program wasn’t enticing enough, local eateries are on board once again with weekly specials available for pre-order, meaning less time waiting in queues and more time to soak up the sunshine and music, a combination Bunn says Territorians should make the most of.

“Come down and see some amazing music, sit on the grass in the shade and just enjoy being outside. I mean, we live in Darwin for that reason, don’t we? Why on earth would you sit in front of a computer in your office when you can get outside and enjoy some great live music? And it’s free!”

There you go, folks. Permission granted to step away from the desk this Dry.

Lunch on the Lawn

Thumbnail & inset: Photo: Activate Darwin

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