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My Sunburnt Soundtrack

How many times do you have to see the Todd flow before you’re an Alice Springs local? Apparently it’s three, but there’s certainly contention around what constitutes a flow.

By Hannah Muir

The NT’s transient population almost turns ‘localness’ into a competition. How many years have you etched onto the board? How long were you coming for versus how long you’ve actually stayed?

It’s a hot topic. My Sunburnt Soundtrack, presented as part of Darwin Festival, is the musical answer to the question: what is a Territorian?

Alice-based songwriter and producer Dave Crowe (aka Resin Moon) – who you should know has been living in the NT for 15 years – has been rolling the question around for some time. With some help from the Festival’s Spotlight Development Fund, the time was right to start collaborating and exploring the ideas of identity and belonging with 10 NT vocalists and songwriters.

“Some of our artists were born in the Territory, some have ancestry here, and others like myself have moved here from other parts of Australia,” he says.

“We are exploring what we have in common but also the differences in our stories.”

A bottomless appreciation for the landscape, the beauty and the unique biodiversity were common threads and focal points of discussion.

“Key moments, celebrations and emotional journeys all seem to be tied up with the land, the moon and the vast sky and the sense of coastline. It’s like the stories and the songs are woven through the landscape itself.”

Almost paying homage to the transience of the Territory, the project has seen logistical hardships, with artists scattered across the country touring and travelling. Despite the challenges, the contemplation of place and belonging has provided perspective for Crowe.

“It’s made me appreciate the parallels in my life and my story with so many other artists and people,” he said.

“We all have these stories about why we’re here, why we’re still here. What is it we are drawn to about this place?”

Something for the audience to consider as they ponder their own appreciation and insight into their identity as Territorians.

My Sunburnt Soundtrack is a one night only event, featuring six artists showcasing their responsive songs co-written with Dave. Caiti Baker, David Garnham, Broadwing, Casii Williams, VJ Bumanlag and VELIA each perform their pieces, woven together with the tell-tale pop synth aesthetic of Resin Moon. Later in the year a collection of ten songs will be released.

Don’t miss this musical display of what it means to be Territorian, by some of the best talent kicking around our beaut pocket of the planet.

My Sunburnt Soundtrack
WHEN SUN 14 AUG | 8.45PM
COST $34-$38

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