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Loop the Loop

Folks, prepare yourselves for a battle for the ages. In the red corner we have master musician Gene Peterson, and multi-instrumentalist Adam Page is warming up in the blue corner. Get ready as these two heavyweight musicians go head-to-head in the most anticipated musical battle in the history of history!

By Sydney Shaw

Gene and Adam return to the NT with shows in Darwin and Alice Springs for the 10-year reunion show, held 11 years later, for Loop the Loop – the hilarious musical battle nobody asked for. A musical showcase like no other, Loop the Loop promises to captivate audiences with incredible drumming, virtuosic saxophone playing and riotous competition.

“This has been 11 years coming and is essentially the rematch of Loop the Loop – we’re excited to get back in the ring and battle off against each other. It’s been so much fun putting the show back together,” says Peterson.

“Due to the pandemic, I had a commitment to take another show of mine to the Sydney Opera House, after we couldn’t bring all the international artists in, we thought, ‘what else can we deliver?’ Well, let’s bring back Loop the Loop!

“Similarly, we were supposed to do Darwin Festival last year, and here we are finally getting to those shows after being postponed three times. It was supposed to happen during the Festival, then it was supposed to happen in November, and now here it is finally happening in July.’

The two accomplished instrumentalists don’t just compete using their musical prowess, they also incorporate an impressive level of creativity. They make music out of inanimate objects or household items an audience member could relate to, whether they are or aren’t a musician.

“Adam makes music out of his beard and I make music out of kid’s toys. He makes music out of an audience member’s name, and we’re going back and forth – not necessarily as award-winning musicians – but as professional idiots … And it’ll be really great, 10 years later, to still beat Adam!”

Sometimes quirky, often hilarious, at times unbelievable, but always impressive. Don’t miss this opportunity to Loop the Loop!

WHEN WED 6 & THU 7 JUL | 7.30PM
COST $35 | $30 CONC | $15 U18

Alice Springs
COST $38 | $36 CONC

Thumbnail, header & inset: Photo: Conan Whitehouse

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