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After a sell-out tour in 2019, Jon Stevens returns to stages around Australia to pay tribute to the legendary bands that catapulted him into Aussie rock royalty. An artist in his own right, with a successful solo career, he’s fronted iconic rock acts Noiseworks and INXS.

Recognised as one of the most formidable rock talents in his homeland of New Zealand and Australia, the rock legend brings his high energy and charisma to the NT for two huge shows in Darwin and Alice Springs. Tierney Seccull caught up with him for a chat.

You’ve been in the biz since the 80s – how does it feel to still be doing what you love?
The seventies! I released my first record in 1979, so I just made it in! [Laughs] It’s awesome to still be doing what I love, and I love what I do. I’m way better now than what I was when I was 25 or even 35, more life experience, you know?

You just don’t worry about things that used to worry you. You’re more enjoying the process of communicating with people on a level that’s been built up over a long period of time.

They’ve grown up with you and you’ve grown up with them, you know, sort of like a mutual sharing of life experience. It’s so weird but it’s beautiful, it’s awesome.

I had a cheeky gander at a couple of videos on your Facebook, and you’re belting out a tune but everyone’s singing along with you – you can tell there’s a shared energy there.
Oh, big time. And obviously we’re on tour doing The Noiseworks & INXS Collection, so it’s all of the hits from those bands and that relentless picture of reminiscing, you know?

People are just losing themselves in their own history and their relationship with that music, that timeless music. And I get the honour and the privilege of singing those songs. It’s so much fun.

At this age – I’m 60 now – I just don’t really buy into the bullsh-t and I just wanna have fun. I want everyone else to come along and have fun, too!

Well, I’d say that’s mission accomplished there. And this might be like asking who your favourite kid is, but of all the songs you perform in the tour, do you have a favourite?
Oh, it’s hard to single one out. But obviously ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ is just one that the crowd, just – well, I suppose it’s the only kind of ballad we do. It’s really magical, that’s all I can say! We play it in the middle of the set, and it’s really magical, and then off we go again [laughs].

You toured the show in 2019, and it went down a treat with audiences across the country, but there’s been a little thing called a pandemic thrown in the mix…Well, that’s right, so we never got to finish the tour. In reality, we’re actually just finishing the whole tour. So, when we finish this in June, I think, that’ll be the end of that. You might not see it again… It’ll be the last time you get to see The Noiseworks & INXS Collection.

I’d really love to mention that we’re bringing with us the fantastic Sarah McLeod from The Superjesus. She’s touring with us all through the NT and WA, she is an amazing performer – a little pocket rocket – and just a wonderful vibe. I’d urge anyone getting a ticket or thinking of getting a ticket to make sure they see Sarah McLeod. She’s wonderful. We’re bringing it, that’s for sure!

Sounds like quite the gig! And you’re hitting the stage in Darwin and Alice Springs, any things on the to-do list?
Oh, look, if I had the time, I’d love to go fishing. When I finish touring, I fish – that’s my jam!

Both performances rescheduled from April.

Jon Stevens The Noiseworks & INXS Collection
WHEN THU 26 MAY | 7.30PM
COST $75

Jon Stevens The Noiseworks & INXS Collection
FRI 27 MAY | 7.30PM
COST $69.90

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