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MusicNT Presents - Summit

LOCAL LOUD LADS Summit have been tearing up Top End stages since mid-2016, building a dedicated following amongst the Top End’s metal scene. And 2019 has been a huge year for the five-piece, the band about to take off on their first interstate tour.

By Shauna Upton

MusicNT sat down with bassist Wesley Beck for a chat.

Congratulations on your first interstate tour! Tell us, how did it come about?
Simply put, hard work! We have thrown everything we have into our music and progressing as a band. As it was said to me, booking your first tour is a rite of passage and we are glad to earn our stripes!

Do you each have roles when you’re on the road? Is anyone ‘tour mum’? Is there one menace that has to be kept on a tight leash?
Everyone brings something unique to the table and we all have our moments of menace, so to speak. Generally speaking, I’m the mum of the group and our vocalist, Greeny, is the menace – but that changes at times as we all like to party! 

We are yet to tour with our new drummer Tom, so it’ll be interesting to see how that new dynamic plays out…   

You have a show at The Rails this month – what can punters expect from your live shows?
High energy! The energy in our shows in something that’s undeniable. A common bit of feedback we get from people who don’t frequent heavy shows is “I’m not a fan of heavy music, but that was un*expletive*real”. We often see those same people again at future shows.

Where did you draw inspiration from for your most recent single The Good Life?
The repeated lyric in the new track is “This is the life I want to live”. This line relates directly to the band, touring and music. We are doing everything we can as a band to make this line a reality. You could call it a mission statement!     

Does living in the Top End have an influence on your music and songwriting? 
Absolutely it does. We love the NT, the landscape, the lifestyle, the laidback feel of the place. We live in the best place on the planet.

One of the lyrics in the new song is “Grab your drink and raise it, welcome to the good life!” 

That laidback Territory attitude is not only in our songs but it’s in us. We will take that Territory attitude with us on tour and just have a great time and enjoy the ride. 

If you could collaborate with any other NT artist, who would it be?
Tom, the vocalist from Tapestry, organised to do a guest vocal on a track a while ago but it never ended up coming to fruition. I have always liked a clean female vocal in heavy music and that is something we may peruse in the future with Stevie Jean being a Territory stand-out. Also, Jack from We Burn Bridges would be a great fit for a guest vocal for us.
Lastly, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?
You only get out what you put in – create your own opportunities! 
Summit – The Good Life Tour Fri 1 Nov | 7pm | Darwin Railway Club $15

Photo: Steve Kelk

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