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Baker Boy

Baker Boy has gone from strenght to strenth and is looking forward to being back in the Top End for the Arafura Games Opening Celebration.

By  Tamara Howie

He had a yarn with Off The Leash about life, music and sport.

You’ve had a whirlwind year - tell us a bit about the moments you reflect on most?

It's been a crazy year - I did 75 plus live shows last year which has been epic. I look back on how my show has grown and how that’s reflected in all the awards I’ve won, it kinda feels surreal.

What are you hoping to achieve as the Young Australian of the Year?
My goal is all about education; I want to keep the topic of Indigenous Culture and Language alive. 
My ultimate dream is to have Indigenous language and history taught in schools Australia wide - which is a big goal but hopefully something I can have an impact on as Young Australian of the Year.

‘Cool As Hell’ has dropped with an epic video clip - why did you want to write a tune to get people dancing, and what was it like being able to include your family in the clip? 

Haha, thank you! Dance is a big part of me. It’s in my blood, my culture and my family. Like 'Marryuna' (to dance with no shame) I just want people to vibe out on a good tune, break it down for a couple minutes and forget their worries. Bit of a reminder to not take life so seriously and just have fun with it. 

I think it’s become a bit of tradition to have family in my video clips. In 'Marryuna' you saw my dad and uncle and in 'Cool As Hell' it's my dad and little bro. 

Family is huge aspect of Baker Boy and I think it is cool to be able to include family where I can. My little bro has lived on country his entire life and I really wanted to be able to give him the experience of seeing Sydney and Melbourne and getting to understand what happens in the life of Baker Boy. 

Safe to say he had the most amazing time! It was a funny moment because we all agreed to include my dad and brother last minute and it just happened, we were so happy. 

You’re in Darwin for the Arafura Games - are you a big sports fan? Will you be out seeing any of the competitions?

I love my sports, I grew up with sport. If I wasn’t doing Baker Boy I’d like to think that’s what I would be doing.

Hopefully between performing and catching up with family in Darwin I will be able to catch some of the competitions, I love getting involved as much as I can.

Arafura Games Opening Celebration Fri 26 Apr | 6.30pm | Darwin Waterfront | Free |

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