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The (not so) Fast Five - 360

Rapper 360 is hitting the road to lesser-known towns on his Vintage Modern Regional Tour. He answered The Fast Five ahead of his Darwin show.

What’s the first album you ever bought? 
Amazingly, and I’m so proud of this, it was Wu Tang - 36 Chambers. Unfortunately I don’t still have it but it’s on my phone and I listen to it regularly. Such a classic album that was a great start to my collection over the years 

If you could see any artist or band – living or dead – this weekend, who would it be?
The Beatles and I would take my mother. She means the world to me and that band is my favourite of all time.

She got to see them at festival hall when they played Melbourne back when they were in the middle of beagle mania. She saw this arrive on the plane and everything.

They’ve been a massive inspiration for me over the years and seeing them live would be something else.

Whose posters did you have stuck to the wall as a teenager? 
Almost every Michael Jordan poster that existed. I was obsessed with him when I was young. I was so naive, I thought he was a perfect human in every way, not just basketball. I worshipped him 

What song would you like played at your funeral?
I was thinking about this and there are so many good songs to choose from. However, sometimes for a lot of people, once a song is played a funeral for a certain Ioved one it ends up tarnishing that song for them and I would hate to do that.

'If I Saw You In Heaven' by Eric clapton would be an obvious choice, but maybe too sad.

I’ve got the notes to the string section of “Bitter Sweet Symphony” by The Verve, and I think that’d sound perfect sonically, though the lyrics might not fit the occasion.

I would want something fun and sweet, though I think at a funeral it would make it a sad song automatically.

The decision I made is probably a little cliche, but who cares. Bobby McFerrin “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is my definite choice. It speaks for itself but just listen to the song and you’ll understand why. Bitter sweet but without the symphony (laughs).

Finish this sentence. The thing people would be surprised to know about me…That I used to be in the national boys choir when I was in primary school. I was a soprano and back then, not trying to brag, but I had great control over my voice.

I remember the choir came through my school doing auditions and when it was my turn I remember the lady was blown away. I would always do solos during the performances, so I guess music was always in my blood some how. I quit because I thought it made me lame. I truly wish I never stopped, I would’ve loved to see if it had any effect on my voice now, but who knows.

360 - Vintage Modern Regional Tour FRI 14 SEP | 8PM | DISCOVERY DARWIN | $35 |

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