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The Barry Brown Experience

Barry Brown is back in Darwin town for one night only! 

Don't miss this opportunity to see the Territory's own groove guru, with his ultra-funky band and some very special guests. Put on your boogie shoes, pull out your polyester threads, and get ready to party like it’s 1976.

It’s been three long years since the Barry Brown Experience last hit  Darwin. What’s kept you away?
Yeah, you right there Liz Baby... three years! Dat's three years too many! But I had some soul searchin' to do... and guess what? I found a heap more soul dan I knew I had and I'm a gonna bring it to Darwin! Darwin... get ready!

You debuted with your band at the Darwin Festival almost eight years  ago now, to rave reviews – has much changed with the band in that time? Do you still have the same steaming hot horn section?
Most of the original Get Down horn section is playing, with the addition of Antonio Azure on keyboard and trumpet. It's Antonio's birthday on June 2, what a great way to celebrate – playing with the funkiest outfit in the NT! We’ll also have Matt Goldberg playing some trombone, as well as his trusty tenor sax, and band manager Levi Goldstein will be on the big baritone sax – watch out for the 'brown note’! Will the horn section be steaming hot?Hot as a nasty November day when it ain't rained since May.

There will be prizes for the sweetest moves and funkiest look. What kinds of moves are you hoping to see on the dance floor?
Da fine funky folk of Darwin move like no-one else on earth... and Barry's been around. We lookin’ for classic 'Soul Train' moves but also dat wild unpredictable stuff dat Darwin cats do. Don't forget da booty! You gotta shake it!

And the threads? What are you looking for?
Anything funky. Pure polyester is always a winner. “It makes you sweat!" to quote Barry's Darwin-penned single. Flares, platforms, tight-tight denim, psychedelic colours, paisley. If you don't have any, hit the op shops for anything 60s, 70s or 90s (when fluoro colours were big). Or surprise us with your version of funky!

Anything else Darwin funksters and groovers need to be prepared for?
Barry always asks, "are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced?" Well if you haven't experienced the 100 per cent pure uncut fun of Barry Brown and the Get Down, it's time you became experienced.  If you’ve already had the immense pleasure, get ready – the good old groovy stuff from the Groove Guru is still there – but there's more! Prepare to be surprised. There's more to Barry than you may have imagined.
Sat 2 Jun | 8pm | Railway Club | See the event listing

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