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Q&A with Amy Shark

Just a few months ago Gold Coast singer songwriter Amy Shark quit her job as a video editor to refocus on music, after a long time of treading water in the industry. With the release of her single ‘Adore’ last year, which was quickly picked up on high rotation on Triple J, Shark’s profile absolutely skyrocketed.

By Chelsea Heaney.

Dismissing the one-hit-wonder speculation by releasing second single 'Weekends' earlier this year, this talented producer and songwriter has proven that she is here to stay. Shark heads to Darwin as one of the headline acts for BASSINTHEGRASS this month. Off The Leash caught up with her to chat about that single, getting the number two spot on Triple J’s Hottest 100 and the massive year she’s had.

The past year has been huge for you. Did you expect everything to take off like it did after releasing ‘Adore’?

I released ‘Adore’ like I did any other song. I expected maybe my nan and close friends to hear it. Honestly, if you had of said to me that 1000 people would have streamed it on Spotify I would have been ecstatic. To think fourteen million streams has happened in six months scares me – this song has changed my life. But more importantly, from now on I know that for every song I write more than the same seven people will listen. That’s a dream for any artist.

Have you been to Darwin before?

I haven’t but I have a couple of friends who moved to Darwin recently and they tell me it’s a special place that I will love – so I am counting down the days. I might even stay a couple of extra days and be a proper tourist! I am not leaving without a crocodile tour, even if I have to take myself, unguided.

You’ve been on tour across the country already this year. How has that been?

I have been to places I never thought I would travel to – which is just the best. To sell out my first ever headline tour was a very special moment for me. The shows are very energetic, punchy and fun – I am just so grateful I can share my music live with so many different towns and cities, I am addicted to touring now.

You have just come out with a new track ‘Weekends’ and announced a new six track EP. What can people expect from your next release?

‘Weekends’ kind of feels like Adore Part 2, as corny as that sounds it honestly is. It’s actually a very personal/controversial song disguised as this huge pop track.

What was the song writing and recording process like for this EP?

My song writing process will never change. I sit in my lounge room at home with an acoustic guitar and pick apart my life and the people in my life and put it into lyrics and melodies. It’s probably the most enjoyable part of music for me. I could write songs everyday forever and be very content.

After BASSINTHEGRASS, what’s in store for the rest of the year?

I always get myself in trouble with these questions! I am not sure what I am allowed to announce – ha ha. I can tell you I am playing Splendour in the Grass and Groovin the Moo. I am heading to North America for a month in June and then I think I am touring Australia again – later in the year. I probably just blew our whole marketing plan but I am still learning – lol. 

Amy Shark headlines BASSINTHEGRASS in May.

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