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The transient nature of Darwin is exciting. It means ANYONE could rock up the Stuart Highway and settle in the tropics, and this includes Melbourne rapper Tornts. The prolific MC has relocated to Darwin, bringing with him a career spanning seven albums. We’re stoked to have someone who was part of the first wave of Aussie hip-hop in the early 2000s in the Darwin music scene. Here’s a chat MusicNT had with Tornts.

For those who haven’t come across Tornts before, tell us about your music career?

I’ve been doing music since I was about 16 years old but started taking it seriously after a few years, and released my first album Adding Insult to Injury in 2003. Since then I’ve continued to push my own boundaries and make new music. Anyone that knows Melbourne hip-hop would probably know of me, I’m part of a crew called Hired Goons and have released my music through the underground label Broken Tooth Entertainment.

What’s your music about and where do you get inspiration?

My music has often been described as raw poetry, a no-holds-barred style with a lot of imagery and wordplay in the rapping. I’d describe it as being very descriptive and cinematic, I like to paint a picture with words. There is a lot of truth and life in what I write, and I write from my own perspective on the world. 

You’ve just moved to the NT, how are you finding it and how’s it compare to Melbourne?

It took me a while to slow down from the fast pace of Melbourne but I really like it up here. It reminds me of being in a different country, like being on a tropical holiday. Sometimes I joke that it’s like being in the series Dexter, what with all the palm trees and tropical weather. I really like the big mix of cultures up here as well, it makes the place unique and full of different perspectives. There’s some killer potential with some of the rappers up here too. I honestly think in the next few years Darwin will be a place to watch for hip-hop.

What’s some solid advice you have for young MCs keen to start careers in music?

I would say practise, discipline, speak your own voice in your own style, tell your own stories – and more practise. Write daily if possible, and don’t just aim to be as good as your mate from down the block – aim to write songs as well as someone from London or New York (but use your own Australian accent of course!). Don’t be fake, be proud of what you’re doing, have a plan around what you want to do, and remember any day could be your last so live like that. And don’t wait around – make things happen yourself.

What have you got planned for 2016? Anything exciting to share with us?

Well I’m working on a new EP at the moment and will also be dropping some new video clips filmed in Darwin in the next few months. I plan on putting out some big anthem tracks this year. I also plan on producing some beats for some local Darwin rappers and for some up and coming rappers from other cities. 

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