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Diner en Blanc

Diner en Blanc invites foodies who love to get creative for an evening of elegance held in a secret location. 

Guests must dress in all white and help create the atmosphere with their own table dressings and meal. It all began in Paris 30 years ago, but arrived in Darwin last year to an eager audience. Organiser Anisha Stitfold tells us what’s so special about the occasion.

Last year was an overwhelming success – what do people love about it so much?
The secret and surprise element struck a chord with people – it’s like a magical mystery tour for adults. It’s also an utterly unique event and the more effort you put in, the more the reward. You contribute so much – it’s not just an event you go to where someone else has laid it on, it’s an event you’re really part of sculpting.

What are your tips for getting the perfect outfit and sourcing table dressings? 
When I went to the Melbourne event I got everything from op-shops. I bought eclectic types of glasses and crockery and my clothes were all op-shop clothes. You can work to your personal style – you can get yourself the most outrageously expensive outfit, or spray paint your shoes. I’ll be posting tips for places to get things on our website.

What makes the evening so special?
It’s a bit like a big art installation – you have to be really creative. The more you bring, the more your art installation grows. It’s a real community event – by the time you’re halfway through the night you’ve made heaps of new friends. Because you’ve gone through the same experience in the lead up, you’ve got something in common to talk about. 

Tell us more about the two significant moments during the evening.
The napkin wave is to mark the start of dinner. The formality about wishing everyone a good night is something quite European. The sparklers at the end of the dinner mark the start of the dance floor opening.

Sat 30 Jun | 7-11.30pm | Secret location | See the event listing

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