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ATMOS: Listening Parties

Take a stroll through  the familiar whilst  being transported to a new world through a set of headphones with  ATMOS this Dry season.

Creative producer Lori Uden says ATMOS: Hydrosphere is the first in  a series of five listening parties over five months, designed to give locals  a new experience of their city.

“The idea was to get people in Darwin to think about their city in a different way, particularly thinking about local businesses and venues that are not just about selling something, or providing a service,” she says.

“It’s about stories – and realising that our whole city is jam packed full of them.”

For the first event, listeners will pair stories all about the deep blue with a six-course meal in the popular Japanese restaurant Go Sushi on Mitchell Street.

“The idea is to get people in a space they’re really familiar with and transport them to the unknown or the never imagined,” says Uden.

“It’s sort of taking them from Darwin to somewhere that they probably will never get to experience in their lives.”

Podcast junkie Jess Ong is curating the selection of stories from around the globe.

“The oceans make up two thirds of the planet, so I think we all interact with water and oceans in very different ways but I don’t think we often stop to think about the stories that could exist in relation to the oceans,” she says.

“We have life outside of the oceans, where we get on and do our thing, and then there’s a whole lot of  secrets underneath, behind that body of water, that we have no idea about.”

Ong says the combination of podcasts, soundscapes and audio postcards will be accompanied by complementary dishes.

“I wanted to create an all sensory and immersive experience: where the consumption of food obtained from our oceans is accompanied by stories and soundscapes inspired by that environment, which is both meditative and powerful in nature," says Ong.

“I’m curious about the visual experience of the sushi train in motion, people watching other people listening and the dark moodiness of the restaurant. So the food and the stories will be enjoyed together, one complementing the other.” 

The series of events for ATMOS will take place at a different location each month, including around the  Vic Hotel, the old Town Hall Ruins, Hotel Darwin and Fishing and Outdoor World.

Each event has a different audio curator and theme, making each a totally unique experience. 


See event listing.

Image by Jett Street Photographer

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