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Spring Clean

There’s nothing quite like having a thorough spring clean, offloading things that – as Marie Kondo says – no longer “spark joy”. It’s quite a cathartic activity to cast off items that no longer serve you, and one of the most opportune times to conduct a good old spring clean is when you move house. 

By Tierney Seccull

The Northern Territory Library has undertaken a comprehensive review of items in its General Collection in their own spring clean, before they make the move from Parliament House to the brand-new Charles Darwin University campus in the CBD mid-2024.

As a result, they’re holding a Big Book Giveaway where you can take your pick from a selection of books for free. Tracy Puklowski has recently come on board as Senior Director of Library & Archives NT (LANT) and says there’s a few reasons behind the clear out.

“First of all, it’s ongoing best practice that organisations like ours will go through the Collections and make sure they’re up-to-date and fit for purpose. There’s been quite a lot of material identified that’s out-of-date for a variety of reasons, particularly for us as a library, but not necessarily for the general public who might like to take these books and enjoy them,” she says.

“We’re talking about things like manuals, out-of-date textbooks – there might be older editions of books that we have newer editions of … Things that are broadly out-of-date for us. One of the catalysts for this is our impending move, and just making sure we have our house in order before we undertake that move.”

If you’re keen to get your hands on a variety of free titles, you might like to get your skates on and head in early as it’s anticipated to be a well-attended event. 

“The great part is that the public get to benefit – the sorts of material that are available include user guides, encyclopaedias, recipe books, how-to manuals, books on fashion and trends. We’ve got over 1,000 books for people to take home, so bring a bag or a basket!”

Big Book Giveaway

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