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Lights Down at the Deckie

THE AIR’S GETTING thicker and we’re all feeling a little sticky, which means it’s almost time for Deckchair Cinema to pack away the deckchairs and take down the festoon lights for the year.

But before they batten down the hatches and close for the Wet, there’s still the chance to catch a few fab flicks on the big screen.

As most of us already know, it’s been another tough year for those working in arts and events. So it’s an extra special achievement that Deckchair Cinema has – bar a few short lockdowns – been able to operate for a full season, bringing lovers of cinema stories from all around the globe.

This year, despite all the uncertainty, the Deckie even managed to deliver the Darwin International film Festival (DIFF). DIFF 2020: Take Two, as it was called, lit up the screen for a week back in May, presenting the second half of the 2020 DIFF program.

“A lot of other festivals were going online … so there was a lot of support for having an in-person festival that people can enjoy,” says James Parker, Deckchair Cinema General Manager.

Overall, the cinema, Parker admits, has been incredibly lucky – both in terms of weathering the ups and downs of COVID and in having a wonderful, supportive community.

“Whenever we have new staff starting, they’re always amazed at how lovely everybody is that comes to the cinema, and to have such a positive space that people just really appreciate.”

Head to this sweet seaside setting and soak up that positive atmosphere before it disappears for the year, with the Fist Full of Films Festival – complete with the Galah Awards Night and Showcase Screening – and a special screening of Fargo on closing night.

And, luckily for us, you can still catch that incredible Darwin Film Society programming when Flix in the Wet starts up in January.


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