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Writing Workshop

Writer Natalie Sprite has spent the last year on a tiny island off the coast of Queensland, building her home.

It’s been an interesting journey for the acclaimed author, who picked Lamb Island to build after googling ‘cheap land Queensland’. 

The colourful place and house building has inspired her next novel, which she will begin writing in January.

But before she dives in, Sprite will share her novel writing skills at the workshop, ‘Everything you need to know to write your novel or memoir in 2019’ at the NT Writers’ Centre.

“(The workshop) is designed for people who have a memoir or novel ticking in them and are ready to write it, but need some guidance and support and tools – and that includes beginners,” she says.

Sprite says she used to write blindly until she had 100,000 words and “then wonder how I was going to turn it into a book.”

These days she does it differently and is more interested in writing efficiently. 

“I want to write fast and finish work – and the most effective way to do that is to map out the key moments of the story,” she says.

“A lot of the course is about finding the overall shape of your story.”

Everything you need to know to write your novel or memoir in 2019 | Sat 5 & Sun 6 Jan | 10am-4pm | Darwin Sailing Club | See the event listing

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