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Assault Your Ears – August Podcast Review

Welcome to Assault Your Ears, a monthly column dedicated to podcasts.

By Jess Ong.

Do you remember the other stories from your day when you heard Nelson Mandela was released from prison? Or when 9/11 took place?  

How’s Your Day tells you a story you don’t know from a day we all probably remember. It’s a unique and clever concept that starts with an iconic event we all (mostly) recall, before shifting the focus to a different, significantly less well known story from that exact same day. 

A non-narrative driven podcast, each episode of How’s Your Day is short and sharp. The use of sound is subtly but effectively woven into episodes, and the bouncing back and forth between stories is delicately balanced. How’s Your Day is a tender look into the lives of others at a point in time that we were all collectively affected. 

Unfortunately for us, those behind How’s Your Day have no plans to release any new episodes outside of the ones already out there. The mammoth task that came with trying to find a suitable story from below the surface of a big news event took its toll – in fact, this decision to not make another episode was made before the podcast was even released. 

Soak up all nine episodes from How’s Your Day, it’s a ripper.

You can listen to How’s Your Day, on iTunes or your favourite podcast app.  

Jess Ong works as a Communications Manager in the arts and the private sector, and is also the Creative Producer of local storytelling night, SPUN. She is the host of the SPUN Stories podcast andmoonlights in the world of freelance. 

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