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Ivor Cole's Swan Song

This month is the last ever exhibition and art sale from much-loved local personality, moustached music lover and visual artist, Ivor Cole.

According to folklore, a swan sings most beautifully just before it’s about to pass away, so Swan Song seems fitting for his last hurrah.

“Ivor’s prognosis isn't great, so it’s a very sad time for all of us,” says KC, Ivor’s loving wife of over 31 years.

Ivor ColeAnd though his days are dwindling, Ivor’s given life a fair old nudge. From deejaying in seedy clubs in South London in the 60s, to working in film and TV, to exhibiting in some of the most prestigious galleries in Australia, his life has been diverse to say the least.

Arriving in Australia in the 70s, and in Darwin 20 years ago, the former Pom has worked at ABC Radio – many of you have enjoyed his company on Weekday Evenings as he spun his favourite tunes, especially the blues – spent time running public art initiatives and galleries, always painting and exhibiting along the way.

Swan Song is celebration for Ivor’s life and achievements, a coming together of his old friends – both his painted works and in human form – for one wonderful evening of stories, art and music.

Enjoy the sounds of Ivor’s impressive vinyl collection as you peruse his art works, many hung together for the first time in years, or at all.

“Painting has always been his passion. He always knew he wanted to be an artist, a painter in oils, and has exhibited for over 50 years,” KC says.

“The most obvious features of Cole’s work are his striking use of colour, familiar landscapes and everyday objects, and his wry humour. Ivor’s work often seems safe, but is anything really what it appears to be at first glance?”

Ivor’s spent his life making some noise, going against the grain, being unapologetically himself, and his last show and art sale is no exception.

“What I’ve always tried to do is cut through the bullsh-t of art. The pretentious, hushed tones in art galleries, the pithy sayings of art critics and the packaging of art. Art galleries are just shops selling art, they should be fun.”

For a fun night celebrating one very colourful person, his life of art, music and mayhem, go and hear, see and feel Ivor Cole’s Swan Song.

Swan Song
FRI 3 SEP | 5-9PM
KC: 0411 552 770

Thumbnail and header image: Ivor Cole, 'Bye Andy', 2017.


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