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Darwin Plastic Makers Space

The global tide is shifting against single-use plastics, but what can be done with all the products that are still being discarded?

The Darwin Plastic Makers Space (DPMS) is a creative place where people can take part in the recycling process and learn about reducing and recycling plastic waste in quirky ways.

Melodie Murphy, from the DPMS, says there will be workshops and projects for participants to rethink how plastics can be used, with new equipment on its way to help repurpose and remold plastic waste.

“The idea is it’s a community space and hub for innovation and re-creation around waste plastic,” she says.

“People can come in and explore what they can do with plastic waste and take the idea home and copy it.

“You can make pretty much anything out of plastic - we can make molds for anything.”

The space’s first project will use the lids from the bottles collected as part of the Container Deposit Scheme to pave an outdoor area.

“The Container Deposit Scheme gets about 20 million bottles a year - and if we’re collecting and reusing the lids, at about 5 grams a lid - that’s a lot of plastic recycled just in the lids.”

Murphy encouraged any artists currently working with plastic to get involved.


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