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National Science Week

The sky will be full of buzzing drones this national science week as competitors battle it out for the title of Ultimate Drone Champion.

The Northern Territory Young Engineers have created obstacle courses and challenges that will test the skills of 50 competitors in knockout rounds.

Event organiser Jaimi-Leigh Acres says the friendly competition is to highlight how drone technology is being used in different industries.

“We wanted to put on an event that benefited the community and raised awareness of how versatile drone technology is,” she says.

“Drones are being used in so many different ways – mines are using them and so are builders and engineers – it’s just great technology that’s being taken advantage of in so many ways.”

As the popularity of drone technology has increased, the flying devices have become more accessible to the general public.

But Acres says the drone challenge needs no prior experience, and everyone will have a bit of time to get used to their individual drone before tackling the course.

“All you need to know is how to use a little remote control,” she says.

“They’re surprisingly difficult – you’d think they’d be easy being all of three inches, but they’re hard to manoeuvre around so we’re offering people a bit of time to wrap their heads around them. We want everyone to start on the same playing field.”

Late teens and adults are invited to participate, and all competitors will get to take their drone home at the end of the event.

National Science Week | Sat 11 – Sun 19 Aug |

NT Science Week Launch Event | Pathetic Fallacy | Fri 10 Aug, 6pm | Brown's Mart Theatre | Darwin Festival

Ultimate Drone Challenge | Tue 14 – Fri 17 Aug | Engineers Australia, Darwin | Registration closes Fri 10 Aug 

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