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Clean Living In The Tropics - July

Clean Living is being mindful of what you put in your body, mindful of keeping a healthy home and work environment, and mindful of your environmental footprint.

By Lina Paselli 

The “tsunami” effect of ditching plastic straws is in full force at the moment – and from a clean living perspective, it’s truly wonderful to see happening locally, too!

Not only are big supermarket chains trying to become more environmentally friendly by eliminating plastic straws from their shelves, so are many cafes around Darwin. 

Ruby G’s Canteen and Bakery in Coconut Grove is preparing their customers to change their not-so-environmentally-friendly habits, alerting customers that they will not be purchasing any more plastic straws in the future.

Laneway Café in Parap is using biodegradable straws and Malak Marketplace is making their own gluten-free pasta straws.

So, why pasta straws? We all know that plastic straws are terrible for the environment. We also know that paper straws can be flimsy. They also take up to 60 days to decompose and may contain various waxes, glues and toxins. 

Pasta straws might just be the perfect solution. They hold their strength and shape in drinks and will decompose within one day of being discarded. It’s a win-win-win for the customer, merchant and environment!

We all want to protect our earth, save our oceans and safeguard the marine and wildlife that lives within it. Slowly, we are all becoming aware of just how much waste we create and then need to dispose of.

Changing ingrained habits is the next step.

When you order your next drink, remember to say, “without a straw please”. It’s that simple. Inspiring others – our friends, family and community – by setting an example can have a huge impact on our environment, one straw at a time! 

Say no more to straws – #plasticsucks.

Lina Paselli is the joint owner of Clean Living in the Tropics, an online publisher dedicated to championing clean living individuals and businesses in the Top End. Lina is also the co-founder and General Manager of award-winning Malak Marketplace, Darwin’s premier organic, sustainable farmers’ market and eco-tourist destination. She also owns Paleo in the Tropics.


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