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Spain Place Fiesta

Stephen Dunt considers himself one of the luckiest unlucky blokes in Australia.

He’s among the tiny percentage of men to be diagnosed with testicular cancer twice – but is lucky to have found the lumps and acted quickly. 

“The first time I was diagnosed five years ago, I got it early so it was only a Type 1 cancer, so it hadn’t spread further,” he says.

“Obviously you feel a bit unlucky at the time, but when I reflect on it I was quite lucky that I was self-aware and checked myself regularly, because I’ve heard a lot of stories from young men who find something and are too afraid to see their doctors.”

Dunt’s second diagnosis in November 2017 came as a huge shock – only two to three per cent of men get testicular cancer twice. This time around Dunt wanted to make sure it wasn’t for nothing and approached the Cancer Council NT to see what he could do.

“When I was sitting in hospital I decided that rather than sit and feel sorry for myself, I wanted to raise money and awareness about testicular cancer,” he says.

At the time, the Cancer Council NT were organising a 112km trek through the Camino de Santiago to raise $100,000 for the organisation. Dunt signed up to complete the walk and raise funds and awareness along the way.

“Testicular cancer is the most common cancer among young men in Australia but the least spoken about,” he says.

“You can do a self-assessment in private in a matter of seconds. If you do find an irregularity or pain or discomfort go and see a doctor early – it can make a huge difference. The longer you leave it the more chance it may spread.”

As part of the fundraising efforts a group of trekkers are hosting the Spain Place Fiesta, adjacent to Stone House.

Cancer Council fundraising manger Nadine Jones says it will be a fun evening full of live entertainment, salsa dancing, Spanish food and wine – all for a worthy cause. 

“All the money raised goes back into the Cancer Council of the Northern Territory,” she says.

Fri 15 Jun | 5pm | Spain Place, Darwin | See the event listing

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