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Argentine Tango workshop

A supremely elegant dance, tango is formal in style and fashion, but humble in its origins. Northern Tango, Darwin’s small but dedicated dance community, was born 13 years ago by “two ladies who simply wanted to dance tango,” says organiser Kelly Hansen.

It now runs a weekly practica, and a monthly social dance (milonga). This month visiting Argentine tango powerhouses Fabian and Karina Conca will add some serious style with performance, salons and even private lessons.

Who are Fabian and Karina Conca?
From Buenos Aires Argentina, Fabian and Karina Conca are third- generation tango dancers raised in families steeped in the tradition. Their dance and teaching has a strong emphasis on elegance while maintaining a constant connection between the couple, reflecting their tradition and culture.

And what will they be doing in their visit to Darwin?
Fabian and Karina come to Darwin to present a weekend of authentic and elegant Argentine tango. See them perform on Friday night at Malak Community Hall, join the workshops over the weekend, and finish with a delicious dinner and tango dancing at Club Tropical on Sunday night.

What are the essential elements of tango?
Argentine tango is an improvised social dance of walking, pivoting, changing of direction, axis and energy. A hugging embrace is the conduit for connection that allows both dance partners to co-create a beautiful, immersive dance.

I hear that Tango is good for the mind also?
It is considered by health care professionals to be an ideal exercise to benefit social, mental and physical wellbeing across the ages. Tango increases mobility, balance, stride length and core strength, provides social satisfaction, induces a state of flow, spirituality and mindfulness. Cognitive ability is also improved, as well as body awareness. It can help with diseases such as Parkinson’s and mental health issues such as depression. 

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